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How to Make your Video Inspiring

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

We all saw the Perseverance Rover land on Mars.

I had goosebumps watching it.

What made it so inspiring? What are the lessons for us as we try to inspire our audience?

Inspiring stories are about Purpose, Risk, and Transformation.

Start with “Why?”

We are inspired by astronauts and aerospace engineers. Yet, their daily work, for the most part, is actually quite mundane. It involves lots of details, boring repetition, checklists and process.

Like for most of us.

In any other field, the same work might seem tedious.

What makes the big difference? The Meaning.

Their work has meaning.

It is about the future of mankind.

Talk about Vision. Purpose, Cause, Impact. Help them see the big picture.

Meaning inspires.

Risks & Sacrifice

To our reptilian brain, nothing worthwhile is easy. Great vision requires great risks and sacrifice.

We are inspired by success against all odds.

By difficult tasks accomplished and great risks taken.

When things could go wrong with enormous consequences.

The risk and sacrifice symbolize that the purpose is so compelling, the commitment to achieving it so great, that all risk was worth it.

Transformation & Empowerment

Inspiring causes go beyond operational problems and financial returns, and empower us to be more, to be better versions of ourselves.

They help transform individuals, industries, even all of mankind.

Nobody said it better than Neil Armstrong.

How does it apply to business videos?

Good products offer features, technology, performance.

Great products focus on outcomes, ROI, impact.

Awesome products inspire us to be more.

They tell the story of purpose, empowerment, and transformation.

Go beyond data and technology. Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act.

Make your video story about the customer. Their vision, cause, and impact. Technology, features, ROI are important. But they are the support cast.

The customer is the hero of the story. Make them a visionary superhero.

So tell a Story 

Stories entertain. Stories inform. Stories sell.

But the best stories go beyond.

They inspire.

Inspire us to be better. Do more. Further a cause.

Inspire us to take risks, sacrifice, commit.

They inspire us to Transform ourselves and the world.


Looking to build a great story video? Something that makes people not just learn about, but feel your product benefits? Leverage StoryProcess to tell great stories, engage & inspire your audience, and transform your business.

Your Product has a story to tell. Tell it well.


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