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5 Attributes of Great Business Storytellers

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Wish you could convey everything in the exact same way you have thought of it? You understand your audience well, but how do you convince them to buy your product?

Customers do not buy products, they buy something that enables and transforms them - the emotion, aspiration, possibilities, meaning, the transformation it delivers.

To sell, you need to master storytelling, win their heart and capture their imagination. The top five attributes of a good storyteller are-

1. They are Sense Makers

They explain difficult concepts so that you “get it”.

Slack (in the early days, when the product relevance was not clear) explains how the product fits into your business:

Elon Musk illustrates a great technique storytellers use – show it in context, relate it to something your audience intuitively understands. Here he explains how much space is required for solar power panels to power all of US:

2. They seek to Inspire, not to Impress

How many times have we seen companies trying to impress by boasting how great they are? Do audiences care? Very few companies get it right.

Almost all the examples I have included in this post show you how to inspire, put the customer first, make the customer great. I particularly love this video by LinkedIn:

Dropbox shows how to tell a story with video:

3. They focus on the Emotional Benefit to the audience

Every product has multiple benefits: efficiency, functionality or financial savings, for example. However, the most powerful benefits, the ones that effective storytellers focus on, are emotional. Seth Godin said it best: “Customers do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic”.

The best products make their customers feel relaxed, empowered, free. What emotional benefit are you selling?

UrbanClap puts you back in control. Who’s the boss?:

Does this drone make you feel all-powerful?:

4. They make it about the Customer, not the Offering

Instead of product features & benefits, effective storyteller focus on the customers.

A great example from Salesforce:

5. They focus on our Dreams, our Struggles and our better selves

We intuitively understand our desires and the hurdles that prevent us from achieving them, but often struggle to articulate them. The effective storytellers help the audience crystallize and understand their aspirations & our struggles. Sharing a couple of great examples.

An adorable couple roleplays vendor & client:

Another great example of what customers desire, struggle with, and how the product helps them:

The best products transform the user, help them be much better, bring out the best in them. How is a user transformed by your offering?

I will end by an Iconic talk by Steve Jobs, how he made it all about the customer (rather than the product), and the video that brought Apply back to life:

Have great video examples? Other attributes of effective videos? Powerful storytelling techniques. Would love to hear from you.

Looking to build a great story video? Something that makes people not just learn about, but feel your product benefits? Leverage StoryProcess to tell great stories, engage & inspire your audience, and transform your business.

Your Product has a story to tell. Tell it well.


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