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How to Breathe Life into your Video

Video is the most powerful medium today. Yet most B2B marketing videos are boring. How can that be? What are most marketers missing?

Wish you could mesmerize your audience? Engage them emotionally and communicate convincingly? Leave them charged up to take action? You need to be a storyteller.

Facts do not win hearts. Stories do.

“If there is one piece of advice I could go back to give myself, it is to concentrate on that storytelling part”

Stewart Butterfield, Founder, Slack.

How not to do it

Why are most videos boring & ineffective? Talking about your product, features & benefits is easy. As you can see in this example (anonymized, but this is what most marketing videos look like – a powerpoint wrapped up in video with some background music slapped on).

Nobody wants to be reminded of boring powerpoints while watching a video.

The Stakes are High

Videos are expensive to build. And even more expensive to promote. 

But all that cost is a fraction of the opportunity cost of an ineffective video.

Making Magic

Talking about your product, features & benefits is easy. Making the viewer care, engaging them, telling a story is hard. 

Even enterprise technology products need to tell a story - because ultimately, they are selling to humans, not just job titles with a business need. Humans also have dreams, struggles and emotions. Win their hearts first. 

Stories are a direct channel to their hearts. A video is the best storytelling medium available to you today. Good story videos can create magic. 

Videos that get Results

  1. Engage their attention. Stand out in a crowded space. Be Memorable.

  2. Increase your sales velocity. Generate and convert leads faster. Build Trust.

  3. Differentiate your offering. Excite them with Possibilities. Create a brand people Love.

  4. Increase your pricing power. Boost your value in the customer’s eyes. Create a Premium Brand.

  5. Explain concepts simply. Cut the complexity. Make your message memorable.

Engage, Entertain, Educate, Persuade, Inspire.

Looking to build a great story video? Something that makes people not just learn about, but feel your product benefits? Leverage StoryProcess to tell great stories, engage & inspire your audience, and transform your business.

Your Product has a story to tell. Tell it well.


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