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How can you make winning sales plays for every channel, rep, client?

"Nearly 90% (customers) agreed that the information they encounter as part of a purchase is generally of high quality; it’s believable, relevant, backed by data, supported by expert analysis, and conveyed in a compelling manner. But they struggle to make sense of it.”

Do you have the tools to communicate your counter-intuitive differentiation simply, to help your audience “make sense”? 

  • Do new reps take a long time to learn your product story, and you are never sure if they are there? 
  • Do you struggle to create simple yet useful account maps, and use them to cross-sell effectively? 
  • Have a new product or sales model, but reps are used to selling an old product?  

Do you wish new reps would become more productive faster, predictably?

Breakthru products require your experienced reps – and your customers – to unlearn what they “know”, make sense of your offering, and develop new mental models.  

You could Clone yourself. Or leverage StoryProcess.
Sell More, Sell Faster

“Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.”

Roger Schank, PhD

Cognitive Psychologist and Entrepreneur

You're great when meeting customers.

Magic happens.

They feel your passion,

They see the vision and value,

You win their confidence.

You feel ALIVE!

But who tells your story when you are NOT in the room?

How do you convey the insight, the vision, the passion?

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