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4. Try it out as a video

Now your video will start to come to life. Add still images. Or even video clips. Try out different genres and tunes for background music. Select the accent, gender, and voice for the voiceover.

Your team can collaboratively enhance the screenplay. Try out different combinations of voices, music, tone. Get a feel for how the final video will play.

Iterate till you get it right.

1. Map your customers' mind, systematically

What's your story?

What emotions are you aiming to create in the viewer’s heart? What does your “happily ever after” look like? And do you make your customer the hero of the story?

What does that even mean?

Some would have you believe that all you need is to wrap up your points in pretty pictures, slap on some music, and create a video.

But can you sell powerfully without creating a deep desire for your product first?

  • How do you evoke emotion?

  • Tap into their imagination?

  • Paint the picture of a transformation?

We have to understand your customers, product, and market first.
We start with a detailed Questionnaire that maps out the key elements of your messaging.

Step by step, you will uncover the Vision, Emotion, Empowerment, Status, and Transformation that your story has to deliver. No expensive consultants needed.

Tell great stories with a subtle, engaging plot, modeled after Hollywood plots. Your customers will enjoy the video and love your product.

Your competitors will keep wondering why and envy your product.

You will engage & inspire your audience and grow your business.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your product story could mimic the structure of movies and engage your audience?

We Generate 3 Story Plots (from a library of 100+ story plots), carefully selected for your product and required messaging, and customized for your product.

You can select the plot you like best, tweak it further (add or change any points you think are important), and we will then develop it into a complete screenplay for your video.

2. Build your story: Generate plots

_Website Photos 2 (3).png

Sample Plots

Screenshot 2021-08-25 231308.jpg
Screenshot 2021-08-04 234104.jpg

3. Develop as a screenplay

You would never build software, a house, or a device without an architecture/ blueprint. Even short films need a plot and screenplay first.

Why would you build a video without a screenplay?

We will develop your plot (selected in the last Step)

into a detailed screenplay.

You can edit and customize the screenplay to add or change any points your team would like to change

The screenplay will be delivered in a spreadsheet, and your team can collaboratively enhance it.

We also provide a mechanism to preview your video -- with music, voiceover, scene timings -- and change them to see what settings you like best.


5. Customize and enhance video

We will add animations. You can optionally select premium music and a voiceover artist.


We will produce the Final Video.

Share your video, engage your audiences, get your message home!

Coming soon: Integration with video editing platforms and clip art libraries to help you create professional videos.

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